I accept commissions in watercolour, pastels, oil and acrylics unframed.

Prices range from £60 to £200 depending on the medium and the subject matter.
Sizes range from A4 to A2.

I can work from a photograph or an idea that you suggest. I can paint churches, houses, sunsets, landscapes or what ever you wish.

Maybe you would like you and your family painted into a scene similar to one of my previous paintings.

If you would like to remember that wonderful holiday or visit to Wells then what could be better than you sitting on the quay wall eating fish and chips or catching 'gillies' over the quay wall.

How about the day spent building sand castles on Wells beach with your children, that would make a lovely painting.

Below are some of my pictures that should give you ideas to remember your visit to Wells.

Contact Me or call me on 07789953313 to discuss your ideas.